The "Bate-Bola" series delves into the vibrant, yet lesser-known carnival festivities of Rio de Janeiro's suburban areas, moving away from the city's famed beaches and tourist-centric events to spotlight a unique cultural contest. This alternative carnival, brimming with energy, features teams of masked clowns that merge joy and fear, contrasting sharply with mainstream celebrations. Rooted in ancient European and African traditions, these characters seem otherworldly, presenting a rich tapestry of cultural heritage.
Vini Naso reinterprets these traditional figures with his distinctive futuristic flair, offering a modern homage to his cultural roots. This series sees Naso blending the mythical with the contemporary, transforming "Bate-Bola" clowns into icons of resilience and innovation. Through his work, Naso not only reconnects with his Brazilian heritage but also explores the interplay between tradition and modernity, highlighting the dynamic evolution of cultural expression.

'Happiness Is Not A Ploy'

'Block of Two'

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