BIS - On-Air package
On-air package for the Globosat channel Multishow HD that is changing it's name to BIS. After many rounds of design the “Multiplos” concept was settled upon. The concept is a dizzying swirl of deconstructed and choreographed musical instruments and equipment in a world where helical curves meet Bubsy Berkley. The client briefing highlighted a few concepts such as premium, dark backgrounds, rock & pop and also photo real 3D renders.

Globosat Creative Directors - Leon Vilhena & Manuel Falcao

Director - Chico Jofilsan
Production Company - Tendril
Creative Directors - Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer - Kate Bate
Producer - Anne Deslauriers
Music and Sound Design - Roger Lima (White Noise Lab)

Designers - Chico Jofilsan, Christopher Bahry, Leo Mateus, Vini Nascimento, Andrew Vucko
Storyboard and Animatic - Renato Ferro, Josh Michie
Lead Lighting and Render - Brad Husband
Textures, Lighting, Render - Andrew Vucko, Ben Pilgrim, Kosta Lavrinuk
Modelling - Shkumbin Ferizi-Pulla, Andrew Vucko, Marcin Porebski
3D animation - Vini Nascimiento, Luis Guillerme, Marcin Porebski, Ben Pilgrim
2D animation - Leo Mateus
Compositing - Christopher Bahry, Brad Husband and Patrick Coffey
TD and Scripting - Marcin Porebski
Montage Editor - Chris Murphy - Relish Editing
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