Vini Naso, (b.1981, Rio de Janeiro, Brazi) currently resides and works in Toronto, Canada. 
Known for his hyperrealistic digital portraits, Naso’s work stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation both in content and form.  Working purely in the digital medium, Naso’s approach harmoniously incorporates bespoke procedural materials and AI collaboration, resulting in artworks rich in detail, including folk-inspired motifs, crafted textiles, jewelry and natural elements. His profound intuition for blending influences from past eras and the pulse of the modern world provides a portal in which timeless mythology and contemporary aesthetics unite.  
Naso delves into the human collective unconscious through his masked portraits, critically examining the role of contemporary media in shaping notions of identity and beauty. His artworks offer a unique representation of modern archetypes, portraying the evolving identities within the human psyche. This artistic endeavour stands as a profound commentary on the transformative power of media and technology, challenging and redefining our understanding of self and society.
Naso's artwork has gained international recognition, and featured in a variety of group exhibitions around the world. Notable exhibitions include "Decade of Ocean" at CCBB in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2024); "Beyond Digital" at Venus Over Manhattan Gallery in New York (2023); "Crypto Art Fair" at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2022); and "NFT Digital Art Exhibition" at Art Innovation Gallery in Milan, Italy (2022), among others. His pieces have been acquired by distinguished private collectors, such as Pablo Rodríguez-Fraile and Desiree Casoni (RFC Art Collection), Daniel Maegaard (Seedphrase), Amir Soleymani (Mondoir Gallery), Rudy Adler (Founder of Wealth Simple), PJ. Curly (The Curly Collection), and the Kanosei Collection. This widespread acclaim underscores Naso's significant role in the contemporary digital and NFT art landscapes.
- Decade of Ocean - Exhibition at CCBB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Energy 8 - Exhibition at Art Space Gallery, Seul, Korea

- Beyond Digital - Exhibition curated by Pablo Fraille and Desiree Featuring Beeple, Refik Anadol, at Venus Over Manhattan  Gallery,  NYC, US
- The New Look: Fashion & AI Revolution - Exhibition curated by Chiara Nonino with @whatmachinesdream - Decentraland Foundation
- NFT Brasil - Exhibition at Sao Paulo Bienal, Sao Paulo, Brazil
- Digital Vertigo: Reflections on Simulated Existence - Simultaneous exhibition at NoxGallery, Tokyo, Japan and NFTgoat, Toronto, Canada
- Uncanny Valley - Goat Gallery, Toronto, Canada


- Crypto Art Fair UAE - Group Exhibition at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE
- NFT Digital Art | Art Innovation Gallery -  Exhibition on Maxi LED wall at Piazza Gae Aulenti, during Milan Art Week.    Milan, Italy
- Luminescence: An Art Experience - Lume Studio, NYC, US
- NFT Rio - Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Decentral Art Pavillion - Group Exhibition during Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
- Fashion for Bankrobbers  - Maximillian Forum Gallery, Munich, Germany
- Magazine at Decentraland Art Week: Brazilian Artists, curated by An Loremie
Superrare Large Scale Digital OOH Exhibit in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 
- Côte 2 Coast - Ox Society Gallery, Montreal, Canada
- NFT NYC - curated by 10 seminal NFT artists, TIME and Metapurse - Dreamverse Gallery, NYC, US
- Midnight Garden - Modern Eden Gallery, curated by Beautiful Bizarre, San Francisco, US


2023 Computer Generated Book: The 3D Art Anthology 

2022 (Jan) - Common Magazine - Artist Feature 

2022 - Adobe Magazine - Substance “Faces from our Deepest Dreams - Meeting 3D Artist Vini Naso” 

2022 (Dec) - Architecture Digest - Art Featured in AD Spain, Germany and Italy Magazines. 

2021(March) -  Toronto Star- Artist Feature

2020 Vogue - November issue - Beauty Expanded - Fifteen artists working at the intersection of Art, Beauty and Technology

2020 Beautiful Bizarre Magazine - December Issue 31 - Artist Feature Interview


2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020 - 1st Prize Winner - ZBrush Digital Award - ‘Forester’

2016 The New Geometry of Time, AICE best design, New York
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