Mask Of The Immaterial is a collaboration between the artist and founder of the ‘Masks of the Immaterial’ project, Vini Naso and physical mask maker, Lance Victor Moore.
Inspired by Carl G. Jung’s book, ‘The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious’, the Genesis Collection examines the universal archetypes that play a role in influencing human behaviour.
The collection includes ‘The Hero’ mask worn by Lady Gaga in her ‘911’ music video, and ‘The Shadow’ mask worn by Grimes in her ‘Shinigami Eyes’ music video.
The phygital collection also includes an original collaboration between Moore and Naso: ‘The Fates’, a filigreed mask that morphs between three forms. The Fates was inspired by the tale of the Moirai who, according to Greek mythology, determine the course of our lives.

THE SHADOW is the sum of the unknown: all that is avoided, feared and denied. The physical Shadow mask was originally worn by Grimes*.
THE FATES are the authors of life’s trials and tribulations, weavers of the fabric of our daily lives: and the harbingers of our collective destiny. The Fates physical mask can be worn in three different states*.
THE HERO IS the archetype around which our stories and mythology revolve, the Hero represents our collective aspiration to greatness. The physical Hero mask can be worn in two states and was originally worn by Lady Gaga*.
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