We created this series in celebration of the magic and beauty of creative collaboration. Tendril is a bespoke collective of people from diverse creative and technical backgrounds that gather with a common purpose — a passion for creation. We are designers, storytellers, coders, animators, sculptors, dancers, architects, developers, teachers, chefs, code artists and musicians. We come together through the joy of creation, and the desire to push boundaries and explore uncharted worlds.



Director: Vini Nascimento
Head of CG: Ben Pilgrim
Producer: Emily Switzer
Concept Art/ Character Design: Rodrigo Rezende, Runbo Chen, Emily Muszczak, Vini Nascimento
Animation: Samuel Bohn, Emily Muszczak, Will Sharkey
Modeling: Ben Pilgrin, Vini Nascimento, Rodrigo Rezende, Tyrel Scott, Runbo Chen, Nidia Dias, Leandro Beltran, Flavio Diniz
Light & Render: Christian Hecht, Marcelo Souza, Nidia Dias, Leandro Beltran
Composition: Christian Hecht, Nidia Dias, Marcelo Souza, Gabriel Rocha, Leandro Beltran, Emily Muszczak
Textures: Tyrel Scott, Christian Hecht, Flavio Diniz, Marcelo Souza, Nidia Dias, Leandro Beltran, Runbo Chen, Vini Nascimento
Rigging: Martin Gunnarsson, Samuel Bohn, Tyrel Scott
Music/Sound FX: Niko Hook
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